Black Student Midwife Scholarship Fund


Midwifery training is expensive and time consuming -- both in terms of tuition and time lost to unpaid internships in order to gain clinical experience necessary for graduation, to qualify for midwifery board exams, but also for not being able to work at a regular job while on-call for a midwifery practice.

The obstacles are even greater for Black, Brown and Indigenous midwifery students because of systemic racism and the additional stressors of living with racism.

In alignment with CAM's commitment to doing equitable work in advancing midwifery, this Campaign will begin with a focus on financial support directly to Black student midwives in California.

The program's goal is to raise money for tuition, fees and living expenses for black student midwives nearing completion of their midwifery training, and grants to new graduates and newly licensed Black midwives starting midwifery practice in California.

All money raised will go directly to applicants. The applications will be reviewed by a an advisory group comprised of California Black licensed midwives. Once reviewed the advisory group will determine how the funds are distributed.