How We Advance Midwifery

Our Mission

Our mission is to advance equitable access to affordable midwifery care in California. We protect midwifery professional autonomy and foster diversity of a sustainable midwifery workforce. We advocate for midwives as time-honored guardians of healthy, evidence-based pregnancy, birth, postpartum and newborn care.  

Our Vision

We work towards a future where the diversity of California midwives is equal to the diversity of California families, where affordable midwifery and community based care (out of hospital options including homebirth and freestanding birth centers) are available. In this future, midwives practice sustainably,  independently, and collaboratively with their clients and other healthcare professionals. And in this future, Californian families are empowered to make autonomous decisions about their providers, their birth, their care and their baby’s care.

Our Values

Professional autonomy of midwives
Client autonomy
Equitable access
Intentional diversity
Advancing quality
Birthing justice
Unfiltered truth, ethical behavior, and transparency

Vacaville Regional Workshop, November 2019
Vacaville Regional Workshop, November 2019