Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to increase access to midwifery care in California. We work towards a future where everyone who wants a midwife has one, and for midwives to practice sustainably and be free from onerous regulation.

Our Board


Jen Kamel, President

As the Founder & CEO at VBAC Facts® and a two time midwifery client, I understand the importance of access to midwifery care from an academic as well as personal perspective. I’ve worked with CAM for many years, initially consulting about vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC), testifying at policy and legislative committee hearings and eventually as a CAM board member. I joined the CAM board and continue as part of executive leadership to advance midwifery through education and legislative and policy advocacy because I believe that a healthcare system that includes midwives and access to midwifery care is one that not only improves overall maternity care but also supports access to VBAC.


Rosanna Davis, LM, Treasurer

Midwife 25 plus years in the making. While waiting for the LMPA and midwifery schools to be approved by the MBC, I worked as an electrical engineer. Birthing From Within informs much of my work with clients (cultural preparation, physiological birth education and neuro-linguistic programming). My family includes husband Craig, son Patrick, daughter Erica, OB/gyn sister Dennise, and step-mother Patricia. My favorite ice cream is mocha almond fudge.

Cynthia Hoover

Cynthia Hoover

My interest in midwifery and childbirth comes from my formal education and areas of study as a graduate student. Much of my graduate research has been on enslaved African American women in the Antebellum South and infanticide. Midwives and doulas were first introduced to me in a women's studies capstone course which focused on the professions. This is what initially sparked my interest and over the years has become something I am passionate about. I believe everyone should have equal access to quality care regardless of race, gender or sexuality. My passion about CAM's work also comes from my own personal birth experiences. Both of my births were hospitalized and neither went the way I would have liked. After having my son five years ago I realized that my birth experiences were not isolated incidents and there are many women/people of color who have had similar or worse experiences. My full-time job is being a graduate student and mom. I work on campus for the McNair Scholars Program which services low-income first generation underrepresented junior and senior undergraduate students. I help students refine their graduate school applications along with editing and proofreading papers for courses or the thesis that is required of the program. My family consists of my two kids (Ben 5y.o. and Eleanor 21y.o.), my husband, my two rescue dogs Charlotte and Hank, and our newest addition, a three month old rescue kitten Vinny. My favorite ice cream flavor...it's a toss up between Thrifty's brand Rocky Road and Mint and Chip, I also really like Butter Pecan.

Haize Hawke 2

Haize Rosen

My name is Rev. Haize Hawke currently I am a student midwife of color with NCM I offer to you the sum total of everything I’ve learned as a world traveler, educator, circle facilitator and as leader of Sister Circles, Coming of Age Circles and Rites of Passage, and a Mother. I am proud to be mentoring girls and women to be activated, in tuned, strong, loving, grounded, and powerful beings. I believe in leading a heart led life. By meditation, dance, prayer, Reiki and emotional work, we can live by the intelligence of the heart. I take my clients through a journey of discovering themselves and learning how to walk in their power. I am a Priestess, Advanced Doula, Facilitator of Red Tent Ceremonies and a Healer with over 17 years of training and experience.


Michelle Welborn

An invitation to a birth in 2002 changed my life forever. Since that initiation I have witnessed more than 875 births. No matter how many births I attend, I learn something new at each birth and find myself profoundly moved and humbled by the transformational power of birth. I have been a licensed homebirth midwife for more than ten years but when I told my grandmother I was beginning my midwifery apprenticeship she revealed that I come from many generations of doctors and midwives who attended births at home. I am honored to continue the tradition and eternally grateful to the families I have served, the midwives and mentors who shared their knowledge with me and maybe an ancestor or two looking out for me. My midwifery goals include protecting birthing person and midwife autonomy. When I am not attending births, I love to grow enormous houseplants and hang out with my 13-year-old rescue kitty. My favorite ice cream is butter pecan all the way, but I'm more of a popcorn with nutritional yeast kind of person to be honest.